Advent Calendar 2011: Day 19 (Mariah and Justin)


Now, I am one of the many millions of people who hate Justin Bieber. Honestly, I hate him. But this new version of Mariah Carey’s festive hit ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ is surprisingly good. Originally released in 1994, this is probably one of the best Christmas songs ever released, and when she re-released the song last year it sounded just as fresh as it did all those years ago. Now, if this brand new version had been credited to ‘Mariah Carey featuring random male singer’, I have no doubt that people would have enjoyed it more than they currently are. It’s just because Bieber has obtained such a bad name for himself that people understandably don’t like this song. I think it’s cool though; Bieber adds some nice simple vocal harmonies to Mariah’s insanely high voice, and if you ignore all the ridiculous product placement in the infinitely cheesy video then you’ll be fine! Enjoy this festive treat.

And hey… Mariah Carey looks damn hot in this video.


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