Review: Bar Three Diner Launch party (24/09/2014)


Bar three saw a major makeover over the summer, turning it into a Retro Hollywood Diner. Now with an American-themed menu boasting some excellent movie-themed dishes (Jurassic pulled pork anyone?), Wednesday night saw their grand re-opening.

The Soul 45 Djs were playing some fantastic tunes all through the night, fitting completely with the retro theme. As promised, they did all this on the original Vinyl, which not only sounded fantastic but also made us feel we were back in the 50’s. Everyone was bopping and singing along to some classics, from Elvis to Thurston Harris.

The Barmen also treated us, not only to free cocktails but to cocktail flaring! This is definitely something that should come with a “do not try at home warning” as glass bottles and cocktail shakers were thrown about between the pair. One routine saw them elaborately making two cocktails whilst flinging bottles of alcohol about, juggling and catching them in very impressive ways. Despite missing a couple of catches, the overall performance was excellent and luckily no bottles were broken!

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the night was the tasters of all of the food available. While it tasted lovely, what really makes the food of the new American diner special is their unique and inventive names. The different types of burger are named ‘Stack to the future’ parts one, two, and three – each version of the burger has something more added to it. A personal favourite is the Frankenchicken – while it may be named after Frankenstien’s monster, there is nothing monstrous about it!

The night was stolen away by the incredible talent of the Monroes. They treated us to performances throughout the night, with unfaltering energy throughout. Their beautifully choreographed moves were set perfectly to the music, and made me want to get up and go join in! The best performance was set to “Born to hand jive” where the ladies mimicked some of the classic moves from the movie Grease. Nothing about them could be faulted, they were amazing and fully got us in to the retro mood.

SUSU put on a brilliant evening, well done to all involved. Make sure you head down to bar three and check out the Diner for yourself. If the food tasters were anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed!

You can visit Bar Three and try out all of the food now!


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