The Curve #6


This week The Curve brings you crazy, local, celebrity news! As well as the usual wacky A-listers, we recently found out some interesting facts about everybody’s favourite local pub: the Talking Heads. You’ll have to read on to find out more!

1) All I want for Christmas is… an island?

While many people across the world are deliberating what presents to buy their loved ones for Christmas, Angelina Jolie has forked out £12 million for husband Brad Pitt’s birthday present. The gift in question is a heart shaped island situated 50 miles north of New York, and the American actress has bought it in celebration of Pitt’s 50th birthday. According to a ‘source’, The Mirror reports that “the fact the island is in the shape of a heart will mean so much to him.”

brad pitt

2) Bon Jovi, Taytay & Prince William sing

Your new favourite supergroup has arrived. Prince William, Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi took to the stage to perform ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ earlier this week. The threesome sang together at a charity gala in Kensington Palace, raising funds for homeless charity Centrepoint. It’s only a matter of time now before Harry is twerking with Miley.


3) Talking Heads, big in Japan

It’s been announced that the much loved local venue, the Talking Heads, may become a place to visit for Japanese tourists. The pub has been used in an Asian Virgin Atlantic advert, which is soon to be launched. Japanese superstar Tomoyasu Hotei appears in the advert, along with footballer Maya Yoshida. It seems like an odd place to film an advert, but who knows, with Branson’s approval this could become the hot new celebrity haunt.

talking heads

4) Giza Diva

Beyoncé has been banned from visiting the pyramids. On a recent trip to Egypt, Mrs Carter managed to get on the wrong side of her tour guide for the day. The pop star turned up late and didn’t apologise to the tour guide (it’s almost like Queen Bey isn’t a busy lady…) and then the guide’s photographer was told not to take photos of Bey, so the guide said to her that she wasn’t allowed to be on his tour, told her she was stupid, and left. Unfortunately for the guide, he’s probably not Irreplaceable and he’ll probably regret his decision until The End of Time.


5) Na na neiiigh

N-Dubz member Dappy was rushed to hospital earlier today having been kicked in the face by a horse. It’s not the first hobby you’d link to the rapper – who has been arrested several times relating to drug-use and physical assault – but Dappy is thought to be crazy for equestrian events, and was riding his own horse when the animal bolted. Having been flung to the ground, the horse then kicked Dappy in the face, but he is now thought to be recovering in hospital.


Words by: Howell Davies, Hannah Mylrea
Images by: Claire Joines


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