Mel B releases video for new single ‘For Once In My Life’


Mel B released her new single today after an eight year hiatus. Although For Once In My Life was released from Melanie’s official youtube channel today, the video has been live since yesterday on different channels.

The video is quite surreal at times, with the mum-of-three kissing herself in one snippet and dancing with groups of people half her age, but the song is quite catchy and a valiant effort from the former Spice Girl. This may finally be Melanie B’s comeback solo year if she continues to bring out club tracks like this.

She released this statement alongside the video:

“I’m really excited to have a new single out! It has been 8 years since my last solo single, so it has been a long time coming. This song reflects a whole bunch of emotions, from not being able to release new music to not having the confidence, but now it has come full circle and I am ready to release something that is really fun and I’m proud of. I hope this puts a smile on everyone’s face. Please enjoy and thank you for all of your support to make this all possible!”

You can watch the video below, and the single is available on iTunes now.


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