Review: easy life – ‘a message to myself’


easy life's latest track is fitting to their style, yet appears to be more of an introduction than a traditional release.

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With an album announced on the 23rd March, it was no surprise to see that only days later British indie/alt band easy life released their first single for the upcoming  Life’s a Beach entitled ‘a message to myself’. The single joins two of the bands 2020 singles, ‘daydreams’ and ‘nightmares’, with the album set for release later this year on 4th June 2021.

You sometimes forget the band are British, with songs that reminisce on the Hollywood vibes of the new Americana, yet their new album promises to explore the Isles in a unique way, appreciating that which is in-between through the tracklist. ‘a message to myself’ is arguably a strange first release, as the 2-minute track feels more like an opening instrumental than a song within its own right. It’s captivating and soft, with a melody that re-introduces the band’s hip-hop-esque alternative style. We can only assume the track will be an opener or a closing track, offering up advice to listeners on how to keep yourself grounded and relaxed when everything around is difficult. Vocalist Murray Matravers tells us; ‘don’t stress cause I’m convinced that you’re alright, my friend’, and he isn’t wrong.

‘a message for myself’ gives us a clear insight into what we can expect from their upcoming debut album Life’s a Beach (even if that title is ripping off my personal favourites Django Django), yet it’s arguably a strange release that brings both respect for the band and confusion of their choices.

‘a message to myself’ is available to listen to now via Island Records. Check it out down below.


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