Review: HAIM ft. Taylor Swift – ‘Gasoline’


HAIM and Taylor Swift's newest collab grants us some good ol' soft-rock with a dash of indie-country for good measure.

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Following on from their iconic tune on ‘no body, no crime’ from Swift’s album evermore, I had nothing but high hopes from the latest collaboration between HAIM and Taylor Swift on ‘Gasoline’. It’s more a subtle, foot-tapping track, but enjoyable and fun nonetheless, and overall just a real good reimagination of an already great track.

The twangy guitar is the real star of ‘Gasoline’. It’s a constant presence over the course of the song, a simple jumping tune, but it really sets the tone for the whole track. Paired with some smooth, quick drums, and another more strung out guitar track, the whole song gets a laidback indie vibe, something we’ve come to expect from HAIM. As we previously saw on ‘no body no crime’, HAIM and Taylor Swift’s voices work beautifully together, the lower timbre of Danielle Haim’s voice fits in perfectly with Swift’s higher register. Whereas Danielle’s voice appears to fit alongside the instrumental track, Swift’s voice contrasts and rises above it, creating a wonderful arrangement of layers, and granting the listener a deep, stunningly crafted experience. With a major soft-rock atmosphere, the song is laidback enough that you don’t feel like you have to dance to it (it’s more of a ‘sway song’, if you get my drift), but not too laidback that you can feel yourself nodding off a bit; it gives me a major Fleetwood Mac vibe if I’m honest.

‘Gasoline’ is a creative reimagining of an already pretty good track, from HAIM’s great album Women in Music Pt. III (which you should totally listen to if you’ve got the time). I’m hoping and praying for more HAIM x Taylor collabs in the future (she has joked about being the ‘fourth Haim sister’ after all), because if these two collabs are anything to go by, it’s sure to be amazing.

‘Gasoline’ is available to listen to now via Universal Music.



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