Review: Evanescence – ‘The Game is Over’


For a band that has been around for so long and knows what works for them, this is a disappointing track.

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American heavy rock band Evanescence have been around since 1995, but didn’t rise to big fame until 2002 with their successful album, Fallen. With vocalist Amy Lee fronting the band with her powerhouse voice and incredible piano skills, it’s no surprise that Evanescence is big in the metal community. As a lead single of The Bitter Truth (which will be dropping later this year), this is an interesting choice to choose as their selling point.

Unlike the big tunes like ‘What You Want’, ‘My Immortal’, ‘Lithium’, ‘Lost in Paradise’  and of course the meme worthy ‘Bring Me To Life’, this single is very lacklustre and disappointing for a band with such a massive legacy, including many awards and even a grammy.

With that being said, the instrumental composition of ‘The Game is Over’ is executed well and is very Evanescence in sound. The band is really distinct in their use of distortion on heavy tracks such as ‘The Game is Over’ and is what you would expect to remain fresh in today’s alternative crowd.

The band is known for their use of distortion on heavy tracks like ‘The Game is Over’, and such a sound is what you would expect to hear in today’s alternative crowd. Unfortunately, the band isn’t massive in the UK, but this song will probably do well over in other European countries like Germany and Denmark, where they have a much bigger following in the metal/alternative scene.

We’ll see what else they have up their sleeves, because this wasn’t it for me.

‘The Game is Over’ is available to listen to now via Sony Music.


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