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Although The Snuts have released some incredible tracks in the past, their newest single fails to live up to their older music.

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Scottish indie foursome The Snuts have gone from strength to strength since releasing their debut EP The Matador in 2017. The band released their sophomore Mixtape EP earlier this year, and have followed this up already with the release of their newest single, ‘Elephants’.

Mixtape EP is the perfect example of why the band are so loved, with tracks like ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ and ‘All Your Friends’ capturing their energy, passions and addictive sound. However, despite being released soon after the band’s sophomore EP, ‘Elephants’ is different and, unfortunately, does not live up to the legacy the band have created thus far.

Unlike previous releases, ‘Elephants’ lacks anything memorable. The chorus is catchy enough, but not memorable, and the verses become quite monotonous by the end. This release is perhaps a hint towards the band testing out the waters in creating music more suited to mainstream radio, as it maintains a consistent Pop impression throughout.

However, that’s not to say the single is a failure. Lead singer Jack Cochrane demonstrates his outstanding vocals, as always, as ‘Elephants’ engages his gravelly and powerful tones. The song’s break-down, which includes Cochrane’s passionate shout, “Come on Baby”, is where the guitars and drums stand out particularly. It is the one aspect of the single which will make you want to listen to it all over again.

‘Elephants’ is worth adding to your summer playlist. Cochrane’s vocals coupled with the band’s musical talents are certainly note-worthy, however it does not leave the same legacy as older releases do, like ‘All Your Friends’ and ‘Glasgow’.

‘Elephants’ is available to listen to now via Parlophone Records.


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