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Devon has released another indie pop banger that will most certainly get stuck in your head.

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If you haven’t heard of Devon before, now is the time to get to know him. Hailing from Forest of Dean, this self-producing singer/songwriter has followed up his infectious single ‘BELONG 2 U’ with the indie pop banger ‘TRUST ISSUES’.

Although the song is very upbeat and features captivating and melodic guitar riffs, the song’s content is darker than it would initially appear. During the chorus, Devon voices feelings of insecurity and worry when thinking about the future and who you’ll be without your partner after the relationship has broken down. However, since the release of ‘TRUST ISSUES’ Devon has also made connections with his lyrics and his feelings during the current pandemic. He explains “there were feelings of isolation and like you didn’t exist, that now feel different through the lense of the current world state”.

The visuals in the music video that accompany the single are very hard-hitting and highlight everything that is wrong with the world currently. It isn’t the easiest watch, but it has an incredibly important message about the impact of individuals on society. It is clear that Devon is utilising the platform he has to try and have a positive impact on the world, and that is a nice and refreshing thing to see.

Devon is an incredibly talented young musician and his delivery on this single is both catchy but also very heartfelt. Although he doesn’t have the largest discography at the moment, every single he has released to date is an absolute tune and he is definitely destined for great things.

‘TRUST ISSUES’ is available now via Universal Music on Demand. 


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