Review: The Snuts – ‘Juan Belmonte’


Despite the catchy tune, 'Juan Belmonte' is just a bit too repetitive and generic for my liking.

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Scottish 4-piece The Snuts have been on the rise recently, with their newest music having featured plays on radio stations such as BBC 6 Music. They have certainly broadened their fanbase in recent months, with their UK tour (which we gave 5 stars to when they played The Joiners) ongoing for the past couple months. With this being said, their new single was awaited with anticipation as the band cryptically posted across their social medias about a certain something happening at midnight last week, and many fans were excited to hear the tune.

On first listen, this single does not sound extremely familiar to others of theirs. I feel it lacks a certain edge which other singles like ‘All Your Friends’ and ‘Manhattan Project’ possess, which is interesting considering these two are also fairly recent.

However, despite the lack of ‘edge’ to this single, it’s certainly a catchy tune which is bound to be stuck in your head after playing with its funky, repetitive guitar alongside some clapping sounds intertwining with lead singer Jack’s vocals. I usually find Jack’s vocals to be seemingly distinctive amongst other up-and-coming indie artists, however this single fails to showcase this distinctiveness, with repetitive (and somewhat boring) lyrics and loud, repetitive guitars which I find override and therefore dampen the rest of the music.

It is regrettable to give such an incredibly talented band just 3 stars, however unfortunately this single seems a little too generic/pop from their usual indie edge.

Check out The Snuts’ newest single ‘Juan Belmonte’ below. 


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