Review: Fall Out Boy – ‘The Last of the Real Ones’


We're a long way away from 2003's 'Take This To Your Grave' era, but the third release from Fall Out Boy's upcoming seventh studio album, M A N I A, couldn't be more on top of its game if it tried.

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It’s been well over a month since acclaimed rock band Fall Out Boy released ‘The Last of the Real Ones,’ and in that time I’ve gone from mourning the inevitable downfall of their upcoming album M A N I A and coming to grips with the first FOB song that wasn’t an instant classic, to absolutely loving the song, the vocals, the catchy as all hell piano/drums-infused hook. “I was just an only child of the universe/ and then I found you”frontman Patrick Stump’s vocals saunter in to meet an already frantic piano-leaden prelude, marking the first in a racing track that makes ample use of manic repetition and celestial metaphors.

Coming three months after their last release, FOB’s third single from M A N I A renews the electric momentum of ‘Young and Menace’ with the understated tenacity of ‘Champion’ to spawn something completely, unashamedly new. Say goodbye to your pre-hiatus FOB dreams, kids, we’re about to enter a new era. And still, one that can only be described as pretty bloody rad.

‘The Last of the Real Ones’ is out now via Island Records


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