Review: Blink-182 – ‘Bored To Death’


Blink-182 return with yet another outstanding track to add to their iconic resume.

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The release of ‘Bored to Death’ marks the very first time that legendary pop-punk trailblazers Blink-182 have ventured forward without long time front man and lead guitarist Tom DeLonge, who left the band last year. Instead, Alkaline Trio front man Matt Skiba has stepped into his role, alongside bassist/singer Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker, for Blink’s new album California, their seventh studio album, set for release on 1st July.

But onto the more important question at hand: is the song any good? Yes. Yes it is.

Off the bat, the sound is akin to Blink’s 2003 self titled album, like a mix between ‘Feeling This’ and ‘I Miss You’. This mix works incredibly effectively, along with an overall vibe similar to Neighborhoods songs like ‘After Midnight’, Blink sound just as good as always. DeLonge’s absence is hardly noticeable as Hoppus takes primary vocal responsibilities and Skiba’s guitar sounds unique enough so as to avoid being a carbon copy of DeLonge but still remains faithful to Blink’s unmistakable riff work. Barker is, as always, at his experimental and unique best.

Lyrically, this is what we’ve come to love and expect from the San Diego punks. It packs an emotive and melancholic tone, reminiscing about past life and coming of age, “And it’s a long way back from seventeen. The whispers turn into a scream. And I’m, I’m not coming home”. Blink’s anthemic choruses have long been a band staple and ‘Bored To Death’ continues this trend, “Save your breath, I’m nearly bored to death and fading fast. Life is too short to last long”, it’s a powerful and loud chorus, one that will surely endear itself to legions of fans.

Blink-182 are back, excellently mixing their sound of old with their newer and more experimental sound to create a song that is almost guaranteed to be a pop-punk smash hit and one of Blink’s most popular songs.

‘Bored To Death’ is out now via BMG.


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