Review: Damien Rice – ‘I Don’t Want To Change You’


‘I Don’t Want To Change You’ is Damien Rice’s first single release in almost eight years. With such a long break in-between singles, the pressure was on, and Rice really had to produce something spectacular. And with this single, he has.

The song is full of soaring string harmonies that elegantly interweave with the vocal lines, sensitive crescendos and diminuendos on stylish phrases and Rice’s trademark crooning vocals. Rice’s voice has the effect of making everything he sings seem entirely earnest, which only adds to the emotion of the track. It’s everything fans could have wanted from a new single.

The video, again Rice’s first in eight years, shows Rice singing in front of stunning lakeside scenery. The simplistic beauty of the video mirrors that in the track, and doesn’t overbear the song’s elegant nature. ‘I Don’t Want To Change You’ is more than worth the wait.

4.5 stars


‘I Don’t Want To Change You’ is out now via Damien Rice Music/Warner Bros. Records


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