Kwabs – ‘Wrong Or Right’


He has the most pleasurable moniker in British music to pronounce, but Kwabs‘ new single proves he’s more than just a funny name.

‘Wrong Or Right’ once again sees the production of Vienna/London superpower SOHN fuse perfectly with Kwabs’ contemplative vocals, as already showcased on previous offering ‘Last Stand‘. A voice like the most well-polished leather – strong and resilient yet smooth and of calibre – in the lyrics he soothes someone’s feelings of anxiety, admitting his love in the process. Thanks to the sparse, staccato, percussive instrumentation paired with soulful vocals, it’s no surprise that Kwabs has been compared to Jamie Woon (certainly not a bad thing) but it feels like this fails to acknowledge what Kwabs is really doing. In reality it is his powerful, gospel voice which sets him apart from anyone else.

‘Wrong Or Right’ acts as a brooding of melancholy wrapped up modestly into a small but beautiful parcel of digi-soul. While it might not grapple for attention in the same way that ‘Last Stand’ did, this single showcases the talent which is present in the combination of these two musicians.

‘Wrong or Right’ serves as the title track to his EP which will be released on 3rd February via Atlantic Records



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