Bridgit Mendler – ‘Ready or Not’


‘Ready or Not’ is the first single from Disney channel star Bridgit Mendler’s debut album Hello My Name Is…. Her previous musical releases have mainly been Disney songs, including the cringe worthy tracks from 2011 Disney Channel movie, Lemonade Mouth (I feel that that title explains perfectly quite how sickeningly sweet the film is). Safe to say, I had very low expectations for what Mendler would be releasing.

However, I was very surprised by what I heard. ‘Ready or Not’ is a catchy pop nugget; but it’s blown away with its maturity. Although the lyrics are typically innocent they’re not painfully saccharine, with witty references to popular culture (‘You’ll be my William, I’ll be your Kate’) normally the sort of lyrics I’d hate but they work in the context of the song. The use of ‘reggae-fusion’ in the bridge is particularly effective, setting her aside from all the other Disney starlets who have just decided they want to sing and release an album of clichéd bubble gum pop. It shows Mendler has something different to offer, she’s not just a cookie cutter star. I’m expecting big things from her!



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