Biffy Clyro – ‘Black Chandelier’


Black Chandelier as a single encapsulates the morbid, wishful feel of the album Opposites, within an individual, concentrated dose.

Seeping into your head with the lingering words of “Drip, drip”, Black Chandelier is a single infused with dark humour and malevolent undertones. The lyrics speak of emotional rejection and self- doubt: “I shouldn’t laugh but I know I’m a failure in your eyes”, subtly hinting at the idea that these thoughts are possibly shared by the band-members. Interlaced with paranoia, the song projects the image of someone abused and bitter, attempting to break free of their inner demons, particularly with the line “tracing our wounds with industrial gloves made of wire”.

With a liberating chorus, spitting out rebellious vocals, Biffy Clyro are confronting their fears and rallying their listeners. The solo is a clear highlight, with heavy hitting, head bashing percussion shots, interspersed by quirky little fret slides. Overall, ‘Black Chandelier’ is a stand-out single, giving an alluring taste of what Opposites can offer, while remaining a sound enough story on it’s own.



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