50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine – ‘My Life’


There’s a famous Stewart Lee routine where the comic describes Richard Hammond as a little hamster who Jeremy Clarkson and James May occasionally let up on the table to ‘lap up his milk’. When listening to this song I cannot help but feel this is case with Adam Levine. Sandwiched between Eminen and 50 Cent, the ‘men’, he weakly sings out a not-so-catchy chorus, which is the song equivalent of him turning to them and saying ‘i-i-s it ok if I speak for a bit, sirs?’

The song’s moody instrumentals and Eminem’s verse are great, but 50 Cent’s typically mumbled delivery sounds like he’d rather get back to his Twitter account and rate pictures of young female fans, ultimately destroying any of the song’s redeeming factors.

With Kanye creating consistently brilliant material, surely Fiddy has got to come up with something better than this to stay as relevant as he claims he is.



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