Little Mix – ‘DNA’


Little Mix became my guilty pleasure when they released their debut single ‘Wings’ and I expected great things from the group and yet after listening to this new release I am left with mixed feelings about the success of the single. They have clearly been adventurous with this single and are definitely trying to make their own mark in the pool of X Factor winners and rejects that are currently releasing various tracks. The track is reminiscent of Katy Perry’s ‘ET’ with the video being similar also.

They are without a doubt one of the best girl bands out there but I don’t feel however that this single shows off their vocal abilities with it sounding over auto-tuned from the offset, so much so you are unable to distinguish voice from voice at points throughout – a stark difference from ‘Wings’ although there is an excellent operatic middle eight. The story of the single is the attraction they have to a certain male and how this is ‘in his DNA’ and it is definitely a single that will leave their fans with a lot to shout about. If you don’t like the single after a first listen, listen again and maybe again and I am sure it will grow on you. Their video says To Be Continued…so is there another part to this song?



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