Tulisa – ‘Live it Up’ ft. Tyga


For some incomprehensible reason, they’ve put an air siren in Tulia’s second single ‘Live it Up’, which features ‘Rack City‘ star, Tyga. After the runaway success of her first single ‘Young’, this follow up is devastatingly poor. A cheap attempt to try and start the song in a sunny ‘samba-esque’ mood fails and moves into ‘oh-the-chorus-is-catchy-oh-wait-its-crap’.

Throughout the song there is a voice underneath the main beat of the song continually eating away at any likeability this song could have salvaged from its distinctly poor start. The production values are quite slick and Tulisa’s vocals are good, but other than that there is little to nothing to like about this song. The lyrics are trashy, unimaginative and could be bettered by a musical rendition of the shipping forecast, as she warbles “And as the DJ plays the sparkles fly / Like fireworks have gone off”. What?

Trying to think of different situations where this song might work (ie; a night out) I would much rather just hear ‘Young’ than this mistake of a song. Tyga’s verse doesn’t make me want to self-harm, and so could be considered a highlight of the song.

If this is what ‘living it up’ means, I’d rather have a night in.



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