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For those of you that haven’t listen to the entirety of Labrinth’s debut album Electronic Earth what have you been listening to this year?! Before you read any further go and listen to it. You will not regret it. The fourth single from the album is ‘Treatment’. To be perfectly honest this song needs no fancy introduction, it is simply amazing. I would also like to blow away any of those pre-conceptions about Labrinth. I know for a fact people who have seen him live have been completely and utterly blown away. The assumptions that he’s just another manufactured artist similar to the likes of Tinie Tempah and Flo Rida are demolished after a live performance. Seeing him play this new track live makes you take Labrinth very seriously. He demonstrates contentment with playing many an instrument (electric guitar in particular on this song) and shows his impeccable vocal ability.

Today Labrinth has unveiled the video for ‘Treatment’, and I for one am extremely pleased that he has decided to release a song that isn’t a generic chart belter. The lyrics are about a relationship breaking up, nothing new at a glance, but the way Labrinth writes and sings about the situation shows something that is rarely seen in released singles. The pop-rock feel to it also shows how he doesn’t require an auto-tuned voice section to make a hit single. The deepness and quality of the song will shock people, some may not even think it is a Labrinth track as it is on a total tangent from previous upbeat singles such as ‘Last Time‘. This highlights, yet again, that Labrinth is an extremely talented individual with a wider appeal than many think.



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    Agreed! Electronic Earth is absolutely fantastic and this is by far my favourite single from the album. You don’t truly understand just how talented Labrinth is until you see him live – he was phenomenal at IOW!

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