Lucy Rose – Lines


From the off there is something different about the new Lucy Rose single. In ‘Lines’ -from the EP with the same name- Lucy Rose has taken a style she used before and really embraced it. ‘Lines’ doesn’t have the dramatic drums of ‘Red Face’, or the heavy influence of Bombay Bicycle Club that was plain to ear in ‘Scar’ or ‘Middle of the Bed’. Rather, it is soft start, perfectly complementing her as-always delicate vocals.

As the music builds, so does her voice which lifts the lyrics to float just above the sound of the guitar and drums. The more I listen to the single, the more I feel justified in saying that vocally at least, Rose shows similarity to a great female singer/songwriter – Laura Marling. In ‘Lines’ there are signs of Lucy Rose developing into a very special talent, while keeping some of the quirks and upbeat tempo which suits her well.

As a standalone song, however, ‘Lines’ can be found a little wanting. There is a lack of a hook, and the tempo changes occur too often to allow a flow to the song. Instead it almost feels like different songs mashed together. A good sign of progression. Not such a good single.




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