Gorillaz featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000 – Do Ya Thing


The much-anticipated ‘Do Ya Thing’ is the latest installment in Converse’s ‘Three Artists, One Song’ campaign, with this editions featuring artists being Gorillaz, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Andre 3000 of Outkast.

The song’s glitchy and minimalist backing track repeats consistently throughout the song, forming an ample background to the exceptional foreground of hugely varying vocal techniques from the three contributors.

First to appear (in a surprisingly small capacity) are Gorillaz and Murphy; Damon Albarn’s slow paced nasal vocals perfectly juxtapose Murphy’s high-speed falsetto and the song progresses in a catchy manner.  Despite this, it is only when Andre appears about half way through the song and completely steals the show that things start to get really interesting. In his two minute slot, Andre manages to rap about everything under the sun at a constantly relentless speed, reminding us all how sorely missed Outkast are as of late.

The song is definitely a success. The combination of three completely different artists somehow manages to work perfectly, creating a song that sits firmly at some point between familiarly catchy and strikingly unique.



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