The Pierces – Love You More


‘Love You More is’ the quirky new single from the EP of the same name by sisterly duet Catherine and Alison. After getting their big break on their third album, which received large amounts of critical acclaim, Love You More is the fourth in line and is set to keep old fans sweet and new fans even sweeter. The girls’ honeyed voices suit the indie genre well; they are lyrical but also powerful and just a little bit raw, which adds a distinctive edge to their music. Written by Catherine, the lyrics are haunting, but the almost rocky bass adds a darker, witchier tone that is more pronounced in ‘Love You More’ than previous songs. It just goes to show that despite the unsuccessfulness of The Pierces‘ first two albums, the experience has lead them to grow and flourish and present a song that is more fine-tuned, confident and with a more tempestuous tone than the content of the last album. Their somewhat offbeat sound may not be to everyone’s tastes, but they will certainly capture, and no doubt continue to hold the imagination of a lucky number.


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