Eliza Doolittle – Rollerblades


This the third release from Eliza Doolittle’s self-titled debut album, released on the 18th October on the Parlophone label. It has the same breezy, happy-go-lucky feel as her former singles, Skinny Genes and Pack Up, a kind of bluesy pseudo-folk embodied by artists like Lily Allen and Paloma Faith.

The backing track and vocals are as catchy and likeable as ever. Personally I particularly enjoyed the piano chords before each chorus and of course the whistling. However, the song’s lyrics leave me more than a little lost at times; “It’s time to take the time to create/ ‘Cause you’re running late the doors are closing” being a prime example. This appears to be part of the charm of her songs if the renditions I hear sporadically around campus of Pack Up are anything to go by. Perhaps not a timeless classic but definitely a sweet song for now that I wouldn’t be surprised to see doing well for itself in the charts. Check out the music video, which leaves us with yet another source of conundrum – if the song is called Rollerblades, why on earth is she on a bike?

Eliza Doolittle’s Rollerblades from Youtube


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