Review: Dead! – The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying


Dead! don't disappoint with their upcoming debut album. The 12-track powerhouse features some insane riffs and mosh-inducing choruses alongside relatable and hard-hitting vocals. This will be up there on the list of best rock releases of 2018!

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Dead! are incredibly hard to pigeon-hole as a band. Their hard-hitting, sass-filled anthems are the complete opposite of what’s currently on offer in the alternative scene and their upcoming debut album The Golden Age of Not Even Trying is no different.

The record begins with the track, ‘The Boys † The Boys’, which has an immensely catchy chorus that will definitely be a crowd-pleaser at their upcoming UK shows. The song features the all-so-typical screeching vocals which accompany Alex Mountford’s more tuneful melodies, a common feature that appears elsewhere on the album in tracks such as ‘You’re So Cheap’.

Prior to its release, Dead! teased fans by releasing a generous portion of singles. Both ‘Enough Enough Enough’ and ‘Up For Ran$om’ are very reminiscent of typical Dead!, with slick riffs and some extremely entertaining solos. It’s very clear that these tracks will be an absolute hit live. Perhaps more suited to intimate environments than festival stages, but nonetheless are sure to create madness.

The album’s title track and emotion-filled ‘Jessica’ take a slightly different approach to the typical Dead! sound, with a much more indie feel and a focus on melodic vocals and hooks. At times Mountford’s voice is reminiscent of Will Gould’s from Creeper,  spurring the track towards a punk anthem alongside the distorted guitars that kick in around the chorus. These songs feel like the added ‘popness’ that was destined for the bigger stages.

Throughout the album, we are reminded that Dead! are not here to play around with their infectiously punchy riffs and basslines.‘You’re So Cheap’ and ‘Off White Paint’ take a much heavier route compared to other tracks on the record. Dead! could easily support your typical hardcore or indie band and they wouldn’t look out of place. They have an incredibly distinct sound and I believe that is one of the main reasons so many fans adore them so early on in their musical career.

For a debut album, the record is excellently written with likeable lyrics and mosh-inducing riffs. Their beats will go down an absolute treat when performed live. Some are reminiscent of 90’s grunge, while others seem more like of the more recent indie anthems that we heard in 2017.

Dead! are an incredibly exciting band full of ambitious and very talented young lads. They are by far one of the most exciting new rock bands on the scene and are destined to take their raucous live sets and riff-heavy punk tracks to the bigger stage. The band don’t seem like the type to hold back and I am certain this album will bolster their position as one of the best upcoming bands the UK. I personally cannot wait to see them and see what the future has in store. If I were you, I would get behind this band as soon as possible!

The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying is out on January 26th via BMG. Dead! are playing The Joiners in Southampton on February 17th


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