Lady Antebellum – On This Winter’s Night


This sickeningly generic collection will have you puking tinsel throughout the festive season. With instrumentals which sound like karaoke backing tracks, the 3-piece American country-pop group work their way through 12 Christmas covers, including classics like ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow’. The brass accompaniment becomes exhausting after the single, and first track ‘A Holly Jolly Christmas’, but it is thankfully given a rest for an unimaginative rendition of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. This stripped down, lazy version of a Christmas classic does nothing but make me want to press skip. It’s hard to convey how bad these instrumentals really are; this is reminiscent of that S Club 7 track, ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’, from 12 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, that was a great track, but if Lady Antebellum are going to start making music like that of circa 2000, I don’t think I’ll be listening to much more.

It’s just so boring and generic. Perfectly ‘pleasant’, for background music, perhaps, but listening to music like this is definitely not what Jesus would have wanted on his birthday. 41 minutes of corny, American, Christmas frivolity which will leave you wishing it was January already. And as they sing about how they’re “carolling through the night”on ‘This Christmas’, I thank the lord that I don’t live in their neighbourhood.



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