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After the massive success of ‘We Are Young’ you would expect their album to be full of songs of a similar vain. I’m afraid to say the album Some Nights is ‘sometimes’ odd, dull and not all that ‘fun’.

Some Nights starts with a lengthy intro. Listening to it is an uncomfortable experience to say the least. There are various background elements that make it very odd, such a human screams, dog barks and operatic scales. It is very operatic throughout in fact and this paired with the desperate growls of frontman Nate Ruess leads to an odd accompaniment for the ears. Title track ‘Some Nights’ comes next and this sounds like it’s stepped right out of The Lion King soundtrack with an acapella beginning in which various voices sing in harmony and then as the song progresses we here the african drums join in. In typical American (Fall Out Boy-esque) style there is a spoken word section towards it’s end. Again, not what I expected from the band.

To my relief the next track is ‘We Are Young’. In my opinion it is the best track on the album featuring the fabulous Janelle Monae. I believe fans will buy the album because they love this song and then it will only lead to disappointment as they realise the other tracks don’t live up to this one. The rest of the album is surprisingly boring for a Fueled By Ramen product. It’s like they are trying to make an album in the style of the likes of Panic! at the Disco but failing to make anything anywhere near as good as A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.

However, it’s not all bad. There are glimmers of hope with tracks such as ‘Why Am I The One?’ and ‘All Alright’ but the other tracks have a funfair-esque feel to them with makes for uncomfortable listening.



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