Review: Mura Masa – What If I Go?


Enchanting vocals, and a prominent, infectious beat, make this a marginally more memorable listen.

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Up and coming producer Mura Masa’s new single ‘What If I Go?’ lands firmly in the middle of the pop/electro dance landscape, yet still manages to force some of his surrounding competition to sit down and get out of his way.

The drumbeat that opens and sustains the track, when coupled with the steel drum-esque synths of the verse keep the foot-tapping rhythm moving toward the breakdown in the chorus. At that point, the vocal samples and “waahs” take over, and amplify the song’s quirkier elements for a satisfying, pleasantly brief, and slightly too-familiar dancefloor moment. Likely inspired by the same people as Jamie xx was, the whole track recalls elements of 2015 album In Colour, in particular ‘Loud Places’, due in no small part to Mura Masa’s use of female vocals. At just over three minutes long, and thanks to said vocals, its another promising release from the 19-year old producer. It is however, a convenient and inoffensive sort of ‘new’ – distinct enough to feel special, but more than familiar enough to fit in.

‘What If I Go?’ is out now via Anchor Point Records.


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