Nostalgic News: Until Dawn was released 5 years ago


Released on Augst 25th 2015 in the US and on the 28th in the UK, Until Dawn is the single-player horror game by Supermassive Games starring Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere among others in its cast. Paying homage and invoking several infamous horror movie tropes, your choices throughout the game – however insignificant – can determine which of the eight main characters make it to the end. Do you get all of them to safety and maintain good standing between the couples, or does nobody make it out? Do you manage to collect all of the totems and trinkets around the lodge?

There are numerous iconic moments that made this game for me, such as Mike’s run to save girlfriend Jessica or some of the many different endings. And I am someone who loathes horror games, but this just had me captivated! It has seemingly infinite replay potential, with the variety of alternative pathways to go down, and collectables to uncover.

Will your nerve hold out? The game makes use of the motion controls – so having a steady hand can mean survival.


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