Nostalgic News: Schitt’s Creek debuted 5 years ago


As can be inferred from the name, Schitt’s Creek relies on many moments of dumb humour. The first season, which premiered five years ago, follows the societal falling of the Rose family, who end forced to move into a town that they bought as a joke, which also ends up being a living nightmare for all four of the main characters. However, the wide variety of people they meet within the town end up making their economic shift not seem so bad, with brief exceptions that exude comedic annoyance. This Americanised telenovela was able to captivate viewers immediately due to its fun approach to many different topics and is even well-renowned for its realistic and informative portrayal of pansexuality. The first season allows for moments of romance, heartbreak, scandal… Everything that you could want with the addition of faultless and ageless humour. Despite the 13 episodes in its first season, Schitt’s Creek easily managed to overcome any bad luck with fabulous writing and enigmatic performances, becoming a firm favourite throughout its six-season run.

Schitt’s Creek is currently streaming on Netflix and you can watch the Season one trailer below:


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