Nostalgic News: Mad Max: Fury Road was released 5 years ago


It’s been 5 whole years since the release of the magnificently gritty sci-fi flick Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), a revisit to the original Mad Max series which began in the 80s. The success of the post-apocalyptic action film highlighted the love of dystopian dramas amongst audiences globally.

The film depicts an alternate universe in which earth has become derelict and barren due to the resulting impact of multiple wars, famines, and natural disasters. The realistic nature of the film, although hard-hitting and potentially slightly too close to home, grips you until you almost feel as though life really is like that being shown.

The agitated and difficult relationship between the two main characters, portrayed by Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, draws the audience into the emotional side of the action-packed film with the liveliness of the characters contrasting against the bleak de-saturated landscapes shot beautifully by cinematographer John Seale.

Mad Max: Fury Road was later released in an incredible black-and-chrome edition which can be found in DVD format.

The trailer can be viewed below:


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