Nostalgic News: Ellie Goulding – ‘Love Me Like You Do’ became a UK Number 1 5 years ago


The world of pop was taken by storm when Ellie Goulding spun her magic on ‘Love Me Like You Do’. It is now her most famous song and has over 2 billion views on YouTube.

Although it has incredibly cliché lyrics and is accompanied by the fact that it is the theme song of the troublesome movie Fifty Shades of Grey, which glorifies an abusive relationship, it still manages to take your emotions on a ride of brooding romance including everything from intense to sensual and passionate to subtle.

The four-minute pop song has minimalist keyboard notes, pounding drums and quiet orchestra. It puts you in a dreamy, intimate mood with Goulding’s voice keeping you warm and setting your ‘heart on fire’. I definitely wasn’t ‘thinking straight’ after I heard it for the first or the 100th time.

Watch the music video below:


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