Alex/Kate wins The Circle in shock finale


After three weeks of intense reality TV on latest hit The Circle, Alex was crowned the winner of both the player’s vote and the popular vote, meaning he walked away with a huge £75,000. The programme involved contestants living in separate flats where they could only communicate with each other through social media – they never saw another player’s face, and so could pretend to be anyone they wanted.

This ‘catfish’ approach is the method Alex used. He uploaded photos of his girlfriend, Millie, and created the persona of ‘Kate’, who he said was the “ultimate popular person”. The show has already been criticised for the catfishing element, however Netflix has announced that it will be making international versions of the game.

Alex felt guilty at various points throughout because of his deception to other contestants; he was certainly not the most popular player. Fellow Circle contestant Sian received the highest average rating throughout the game, and Dan, another contestant and the closest person to ‘Kate’, ensured they stayed in the competition.

Alex had to add: “Playing a fake person is very toxic for the mind and I never want to do it again.”

Click below to see the shocking moment Alex found out he had won The Circle:


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