Joe Manganiello shares first official look at Deathstroke


Joe Manganiello has released the first official image of himself as the iconic DC Assassin villain Deathstroke.

Manganiello’s official Twitter account showcased the image of the mercenary-turned anti-hero Slade Wilson days after the worldwide release of Justice League, which he has a brief cameo in.

The cameo seems apt considering the recent swirling rumours which have suggested that Manganiello will be teaming up with Director Gareth Evans (The Raid) to produce a solo Deathstroke film, although these rumours are so far unconfirmed.

The other common suggestion is that Deathstroke will first appear properly in Ben Affleck’s The Batman film, prior to an appearance in Justice League: Part II.

However, this suggestion would likely be dependent on Justice League performing well enough in the world box office, something which it has struggled to do so far.

Justice League is out in cinemas now. Check out the trailer below:


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