Poldark writer Debbie Horsfield quashes rumours of Poldark musical


In one of the more bizarre stories of the weekend, Poldark chief Debbie Horsfield has refuted rumours regarding a musical adaptation of the hit BBC show.

She explained that the rumours of a West End adaptation of Winston Graham’s’ legendary Cornish novels, : “Was just a joke!” She added that, “What I said in an interview was that [Poldark composer] Anne Dudley and I had been joking about it.” She insisted there was no chance, continuing to state, “That is all I said… at no point have we ever discussed this as an actual thing that’s happening. It was literally just a jokey conversation over lunch!”

She did however, tease the developments coming in Poldark’s fourth season, which is due to commence filming next month. Following the heartbreaking conclusions of the third season, Horsfield teased, “Ross and Demelza not knowing where their relationship was going, leaving it at a critical point… it just seemed a perfect place to end this series.” It sounds like it won’t be getting repaired quickly though, because they will only “begin to explore the ramifications of what’s just happened in series 4.”

Check out the trailer for Poldark series three below:


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