Noah Hawley developing Doctor Doom movie


Noah Hawley has revealed plans for a movie based around the Fantastic Four’s main antagonist at Comic Con on Thursday.

He made the announcement towards the end of a panel for the second season of Legionwhich is of course based on a character from Marvel’s X-Men franchise.  He teased the development of a film with 20th Century Fox, who own the film rights to the Fantastic Four, with only two words: “Doctor. Doom.”  Further sources suggest that Hawley is writing the script with hopes to direct the feature.

It seems that Fox hope to continue their trend of the unconventional superhero movie, which started with Deadpool, and continued with Loganand the New Mutants film that they say will lean towards the horror genre.

Legion has already demonstrated that Hawley is unafraid to step away from convention, with its psychedelic cinematography and unreliable narration.

His other series for FX, Fargoan extension of the Coen Brother’s iconic film, is currently airing on Channel 4 in the UK, and has been met with critical acclaim.

Watch the trailer for Fargo below:


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