The 13th Doctor to be announced this Sunday


It’s been a long wait, but the 13th incarnation of the Doctor will be announced this Sunday 13th July.

The format of the reveal show is currently unknown, but the news will be announced directly after the Wimbledon Men’s Final on BBC One. The game is due to start at 2pm and is predicted to last between two and three hours, leaving Doctor Who fans on edge to when the announcement will come.

The BBC have got us hyped with a small teaser released via Doctor Who‘s social media, which sees the letter ’13’ appearing in everyday objects including the door of 10 Downing Street and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Peter Capaldi was unveiled as the Twelfth Doctor via a special show hosted by Zoe Ball in the summer before he began playing the role. It is unknown whether a similar format will be used for the 13th Doctor’s unveiling. After four years as the Time Lord, Capaldi’s tenure will end with this year’s Christmas Special – where we’ll also get our first glimpse of the actor or actress succeeding him in their new role.

Thanks to some crafty nods in the recent finale of Series 10, fans are hopeful that the Doctor will be played by a female actress for the first time, despite the BBC and new showrunner Chris Chibnall seemingly quashing that rumour earlier in the year.

Check out the BBC’s teaser below.


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