Charlize Theron expresses interest in returning for Mad Max prequel


Charlize Theron has voiced her interest in returning to play Imperator Furiosa in the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road.

In an interview with Variety, Theron explained that: “There were three scripts. They were written as back stories to Max’s character and to Furiosa’s character.”

She continued to add, “At the end of the day, this thing lives and breathes with [director]George [Miller]. I think Warner Bros. knows that. We are all waiting for him to show us the way.”

Mad Max: Fury Road was a critical and commercial success, winning six Oscars at the 2015 Academy Awards, and bagging another four nominations including Best Picture and Best Director, making it very likely that another film will be green lit if Miller gets on board.

If she does make a return, there’s little doubt that the big hair shaving will be a problem.

Theron told Variety that she had just finished a press tour for Snow White and the Huntsman and “I’d come home – I was just so done with hair and make-up. The idea of going into a desert for 140 days, and having to do hair and make-up every single day. I was so excited about diving into this character. I didn’t want anything to hold me back from that.”

Here’s hoping Miller’s a little speedier with the follow up than last time – it took 30 years between the release Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome and 2015’s Fury Road.

Relive the magic with the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road below:


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