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Southampton English alumni, Helena Sheffield (BA English, 2013), has just published her first book The Art of Wearing Hats: What to choose, Where to find, How to style with HarperCollins. 

Helena, who also works at HarperCollins was well known at the University for her love of hats; regularly wearing them to seminars and lectures, and this love inspired her to write the illustrated sartorial guide.

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She says: “Hats have been a mainstay of fashion for centuries. But which one should you wear? Which will suit you best, how should you wear them and when? The Art of Wearing Hats answers all these questions and more. Broken down into chapters covering everyday, outdoor and special occasion hats, you’ll soon discover the full range to choose from, alongside styling tips, and fun facts about where each originated from.”

During her time at Southampton, Helena took several creative writing modules and achieved first class marks for her creative writing dissertation. She has since visited the University for an ENGSOC mission employable event to talk to current students about her career in publishing.

More information about the book, which retails at £5.99 and is available to buy now, can be found here.


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