100 Discs of Christmas: An Introduction


The 100 Discs of Christmas will be a long-running series of capsule film reviews of films Edge writers recommend readers add to their Christmas lists this year. Each day, counting down the 100 days to Christmas day, The Edge Online will publish a new post in the series. By the time we reach the big day (it seems so long away at the moment, but it will be with us soon!) you will have a comprehensive list of must-own DVDs and Blu-rays.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way now. This is not a list of ‘greatest films’ or the 100 best movies ever made. Some will be flawed gems, others will be masterpieces. The list will make up a collection of titles that make for interesting viewing.

The first film in the list will be revealed on Saturday 15 September. Keep an eye out for it!



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