Young Guns at Soul Cellar (25/03/12)


Having just returned from touring with Enter Shikari, playing 6 dates across the UK and previously playing across the UK on their ‘Bare Bones Club Tour’, Young Guns decided to add two more dates to both reconvene and conclude the tour. After collectively seeing them five times at venues varying from 250 to 2500 capacity, this sold out show was eagerly anticipated as previous experience told us Young Guns put on quite a show.

On arrival at the venue, I was puzzled as to why it was called the Soul Cellar, with the main room being upstairs above the bar. The staircase caused several problems as the top of it led directly into the middle of the crowd. As you can imagine at any rock or metal gig this is exactly where any pits, walls of death or crowd antics would occur so with the addition of the staircase, you’ve got a recipe for a broken neck! With the exception of the stairs I was actually quite impressed with the venue as it provided an intimate atmosphere without feeling too claustrophobic.

Having negotiated the stairs, I then had the ordeal of enduring the support band Marmozets, who are a band I will not be rushing to see again. The wall of noise they created could barely be described as music, and judging by the reception from the majority of the crowd, they had a similar opinion. But behind the noise that the young band produced, perhaps an inkling of musical talent could be heard and just maybe this band will grow into something more worthwhile. (3/10)

After the brief interlude, Young Guns came on stage to their own instrumental song called ‘Interlude’ and without introduction quickly launched into a set full of their biggest hits, including old favourites such as ‘Crystal Clear’ and ‘Weight of the World’, as well songs from their recently released album Bones. Despite the aforementioned album only being released in February, the enthusiastic crowd knew every word and even frontman Gustav Wood seemed taken aback as he commented on how the audience were acting as his choir. Despite several slower crowd pleasing anthems generally Young Guns played a heavy rock set with Gustav bouncing around the stage, and with the crowd requiring no encouragement Gustav could concentrate on maintaining his excellent voice. All in all despite touring constantly since January and against the odds Young Guns certainly weren’t ‘Dead On Arrival’! (9/10)


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