Preview: Boomtown Fair 2016


Boomtown Fair is a music festival held near Winchester that started in 2009, inviting EDM, reggae, punk, folk, hip hop and swing artists.

They place an emphasis on sustainability, charity and community responsibility. Donations to charities are made from their profits, including the Energy Revolution Initiative, Trinity Winchester and Winchester Youth Counselling. Tickets are donated to charity for raffles and competitions, and Oxfam and the Isle of Wight Air Ambulance provide stewards for the festival.

Boomtown Fair even have their own mayoral elections, passports and a political history. They are the UK’s fastest growing festival, and are able to accommodate for 50,000 people.

Each area of the festival is themed to feel like wandering around film studio sets; performers play out a narrative across the weekend. Some of the confirmed acts include Levellers, Beans On Toast and Foreign Begg. This year’s ‘chapter eight’ runs from the 11th to 14th August.

Further details on the festival’s line-up, venue and tickets can be found here.


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