The Edge Sessions: Daniel Tovey


The Edge would like to present the first (hopefully of many) of The Edge Sessions. The Edge Sessions is a project that intends to support, encourage and share the music of student musicians. Our aim is to introduce you to the talent that is right on your doorstep, and encourage those shy musicians to move from their bedrooms and onto a stage.

The first of The Edge Sessions presents: Daniel Tovey. When asked about how he began writing he explained ‘When I was a kid I wanted to be a rock star, or the England goal keeper; I wasn’t fussed. When I realised that I’d never be the next David Seaman, I decided to join a band’. This realisation lead him to join a pop-punk band. Despite his best efforts this endeavour never quite worked out so he decided to go it alone, armed with an acoustic guitar. He realised that he loved the acoustic guitar and began to experiment with all the different sounds he could make using it. He explains that this exploration ‘opened up a whole new world of music for me. I started listening to people like Owen, Ryan Adams, John Martyn, Sufjan Stevens and trying to work my style around them. I’m still doing that now really.’ 

P1450822Since then he hasn’t looked back, ‘Things haven’t changed since I started writing really. I’m still churning out the same old song about failed romance’.






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