BluChristmas #20: Frost/Nixon (2008)


Michael Sheen and Oscar nominee Frank Langella are on remarkable form as the title roles in this electrifying drama based on the groundbreaking interview David Frost secured with disgraced President Nixon. The main body of the film is an intellectual duel, and there is no shortage of intelligence testing interview techniques and long, tension filled pauses. But although some accused the film at the time of scouting for Oscars, this it is still accesible and very entertaining.  It is a complex and magnetically intriguing tribute to an important part in both television and politics. A film about a television interview adapted from a play may not sound it, but this has to be one of the most captivating and exciting films to come from director Ron Howard.

Salvatore Totino’s cinematography is excellently presented on this Blu-ray release from Universal Pictures. Given a very high bit-rate, the disc performs superbly. You wouldn’t think a movie about a TV interview would be something great to look at, but here it really is.

Frost/Nixon (2008), directed by Ron Howard, is released on Blu-ray in the UK by Universal Pictures, Certificate 15. 


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