100 Discs of Christmas #52 – Bad Education (2004)


Pedro Almodóvar has to be one of the most interesting directors working today. Bad Educaition, released in 2004, is a vibrant and beguiling movie, mixing together film noir, melodrama and colourful characters to make something bittersweet and utterly gorgeous. Almodova’s films are like a bucket of different coloured paints, swirled around to make something spectacular, out of the ordinary and almost hypnotic.

Almodovar’s films may not always be initially inviting, but this develops into something rather extraordinary and very hard to describe. See it and make up your own mind about it. Some won’t like it and may find the plot at times confusing, but if you stick with it (particularly through the confusing moments) hopefully you’ll find it as rewarding and richly enjoyable as I did.

Bad Education (2004) is released on on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Certificate 15.


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