100 Discs of Christmas #26 – Dracula (1931)


This is a very different film to the other Dracula title selected as part of the 100 Discs of Christmas last month. That one was made by Hammer. This, however, is a Universal horror film. In the 30s, Universal was a pioneer in the horror genre, making scares a legitimate mainstream form of entertainment.

Their version of Dracula, directed by Tod Browning, stars Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi as the neck-biting horror icon. His performance is marvellously creepy, and although the adaptation could be seen as a little silly, it’s great fun. I’m so glad Universal has remastered it in HD for a blu-ray release.

Dracula (1931), directed by Tod Browning, is released on blu-ray and DVD by Universal Pictures, Certificate PG. 


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