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Hello to everyone who has just woken up after the Middle Earth Marathon! It really was a spectacular weekend and our thanks goes to everyone who came along, as well as all our volunteers, without whom none of it could have happened. The marathon may have finished but the excitement is far from over, we have another epic week ahead of us.

Kingsman 2

Kingsman: The Secret Service – Tuesday 3rd March 19:00

Kingsman, a super secret, shady spy organisation headed by Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recruits Gary Unwin, a regular kid who happens to meet him by chance. He has to undergo an intense training program in order to join their ranks. Meanwhile a tech mastermind is fabricating a devious scheme to commit mass genocide. Hart and Unwin must spring into action to stop the threat.

A commercial and critical success Kingsman has been compared to a light-hearted James Bond film, with the spy thrills but with a much more fun tone.

Cycling with Moliere/Alceste à bicyclette – Wednesday 4th March 19:30


A 2013 French Comedy, Cycling with Moliere follows Serge Tannuer, a once famous French actor. Now living in solitude on the Île de Ré, Serge spends his days cycling through the countryside. Offered an acting role by  Gauthier Valence, a more successful actor, the two egocentric personalities clash and Serge plays hard to get. But they spend a week rehearsing and Serge also receives a new romantic spark in his life, this defintley looks like a more light-hearted offering from Phoenix.

With three nominations at the 39th César Awards, it’s definitely worth a look.

HobbitBattleoftheFiveArmies-01The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Thursday 5th March 19:00

If you missed out on the Hobbit Trilogy on Thursday, here’s another chance to see Battle of the Five Armies

Smaug leaves the Lonely Mountain and Laketown is set ablaze, now without a dragon, Erebor is now up for the taking. Orcs, elves, dwarves and men prepare for battle to claim the riches within. Meanwhile Gandalf is released from the necromancer and his identity is finally revealed.

The end of the of an epic trilogy, it really is a must see if you missed out at the weekend.

Big Hero 6 – Sunday 8th March 20:00


Come along and enjoy the latest from Walt Disney Animation Studios: Big Hero 6.

Baymax is a inflatable health care robot discovered by robotics genius Hiro Hamanda. The city of San Fransokyo is in danger and it’s up to Hiro, Baymax and his high-tech buddies to help save the day.

A deserved winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Picture, this is definitely one to watch. And with only one showing, buy your tickets now!

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