Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (29/10/12)


If you’re missing some horror from your life after the culmination of this weekend’s Halloween All Nighter at Union Films, we’re here to supply the films that can replenish your deadly souls. We’ve got fantasy horror from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on Tuesday. That’s followed by two screenings of new-release horror Sinister on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we’re rounding out our line-up on Sunday with comedy spooks from The Fantastic Fear of Everything, and action thriller The Bourne Legacy.  In addition, Phoenix are having their annual Southampton Film Week featuring a double bill from them. Not to mention the launch of our first Audience Choice night on Saturday!

Tuesday 30th October at 7pm: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

For your first taste of Halloween, we’re bringing you vampires, the supernatural and…America’s most beloved president. When President Lincoln’s mother is killed by a supernatural creature, he decides to ruin the lives of any vampire that crosses his path, exposing his secret life…as history’s greatest hunter of the undead. With Benjamin Walker as the titular president, and a screenplay by Seth Grahame-Smith, who also wrote the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, if you’re a fan of mash-up horror, you’ve got to catch this.


Tuesday 30th October at 9.30pm and Wednesday 31st October at 9.30pm: Sinister

We’re showing brand-new release Sinister as your film to watch on All Hallows’ Eve. Still out in the cinema, this is quite a coup for Union Films, and we want to share it with you. After showing it at our Halloween All-Nighter, the response was phenomenal, so we’re bringing it to you again…and again. Having moved to a new home with his family, Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) becomes consumed by a mystery around several different family murders, and gets engrossed in the pursuit of the truth – while his concern for his own family grows, he still can’t bring himself to stop delving further into the mystery. With two screenings in one week, be sure to make one of them!

Phoenix’s Southampton Film Week:

Monday 29th October at 7.30pm: The Last Projectionist

Wednesday 31st October at 7.30pm: The Angels’ Share

Phoenix has two screenings at the Union Cinema this week to celebrate Southampton Film Week. The first is The Last Projectionist, a film about the history of UK independent cinema and projection; centred on the oldest working cinema in Britain, The Electric in Birmingham. For the nostalgia-prone among us, this film is an entertaining trip down cinema’s memory lane. And in their regular slot, Phoenix is showing The Angels’ Share. Following the story of new dad Robbie who, after avoiding jail-time vows to turn over a new leaf, finds a visit to a whiskey distillery inspires him and his friends to find a better life. The film competed for the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival where director Ken Loach won the Jury Prize. The Angels’ Share is a gritty and critically-applauded British film.

Saturday 3rd November at 7pm: Audience Choice – Léon: The Professional

This is our first Audience Choice of the year! The concept is simple, we pick the genre, and you pick the film. This month the genre is Crime, and Léon managed to beat out The Untouchables and L.A. Confidential in your vote. Leon follows the story of a hitman (Jean Reno) in New York who, when his neighbours are killed in a raid, is left to look after their 12-year-old daughter Mathild (an extremely young Natalie Portman). It’s a rather touching story for a crime drama revolving around the underworld of crime and cops. Remember, Léon is your pick for the Audience Choice so don’t miss out!

Sunday 4th November at 5pm: A Fantastic Fear of Everything

A Fantastic Fear of Everything shows Simon Pegg take centre-screen in British comedy once again. Playing Jack, a children’s author turned crime novelist, he becomes paranoid after intensive work into the lives of Victorian serial killers, thinking he’ll get murdered. He thinks he’s got his big break when a Hollywood exec takes a shine to his script, but it actually turns out to be his big breakdown. Funny and (mildly) scary, if you’re more of a comedy than horror fan, this one has just the right amount of laughs to settle your nerves.

Sunday 4th November at 8pm: The Bourne Legacy

Rounding off a mega week for Union Films is the fantastic reimagining of the Bourne series. The Bourne Legacy doesn’t star previous hero Jason Bourne but a new one – Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner). Its plot runs alongside that of the third film, The Bourne Ultimatum, but from Cross’ perspective.  Here, the government’s secret program to create a network of genetically altered superspies is in danger of being exposed. So Cross has to fight to survive and keep the evidence intact, as Colonel Eric Byer (Edward Norton) is in charge of destroying all evidence the program existed…including killing those who worked on it. It’s life-or-death for Cross, and well worth a watch to round off the whole of the series.

As you can tell, its going to be a busy week at Union Films! Don’t miss out on the excitement surrounding all these films, and come on down to see one for yourself.



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