The Lockdown Watchlist: Netflix’s Best Original Movies


In the midst of the world’s current struggle against coronavirus, one begins to ask themselves what will happen to cinemas around the globe, and how will this crisis affect streaming giants like Netflix? With a growing number of people having to self-isolate and stay at home all day, government measures closing all non-essential sites across Britain, cinemas have shut their doors for now – and could this be for the last time? Will coronavirus be the final blow to the theatrical release, and how will Netflix profit from the surge of consumers turning to streaming? These are all important questions to consider, but for the moment there’s another matter at hand: what do you watch while on lockdown?

While production on all Netflix originals has been put on halt for the time being, that doesn’t mean that the vast library of content they have accumulated over the past decade will grow stale. Where many may have seen plenty of these films before during cinematic release or through other streaming sites, Netflix’s big push for original movies means that they now have a number of fresh and varied feature films on their service that no other site will ever have available. From Oscar-nominated prestige pictures like The Irishman, Roma and Marriage Story, to crowd-pleasing entertainers such as Bird Box, Murder Mystery and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Netflix’s extensive list of original films has continuously grown year on year. So, while all cinema trips might be cancelled for the foreseeable future, here are my own recommendations of Netflix original movies to help you pass the time. 

Apocalyptic Thriller: Annihilation (2018), Cargo (2017), How It Ends (2018), The Wandering Earth (2019)

Though this genre is perhaps a little too close to home right now, these films provide top entertainment that will leave you feeling stiflingly uncomfortable for a few hours – but in a good way.

Romantic Comedy: Always Be My Maybe (2019), The Kissing Booth (2018), To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018), When We First Met (2018) 

Are you single? Aware of the fact you probably won’t meet Mr or Mrs Right while in self-isolation? Well, these films are the ones to fill that hole in your heart, ready to make you laugh and cry in equal measure. 

Action: Shaft (2019), Spenser Confidential (2020), Triple Frontier (2019)

With the power to give you adrenaline-fueled confidence, you’ll embrace a new lifestyle as the lonesome warrior after watching these explosive flicks.

Horror: Eli (2019), Gerald’s Game (2017), Little Evil (2017) 

While this is a genre that most prefer not to watch alone, you can sleep soundly knowing that even the demons are too scared to leave the house tonight. 

Drama: Okja (2017), Tallulah (2016), The Two Popes (2019)

These are the ones to really get you thinking. Remember, not all entertainment is mindless entertainment. 

Sci-Fi: See You Yesterday (2019), Spectral (2016), The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) 

Just the right films to take you completely out of reality, ones to help you forget about the current state of the world. 

STAND-OUT PICK: Beasts of No Nation (2015) 

Why not return to the film that arguably signalled Netflix’s move towards supporting new and exciting material? Cary Fukunaga’s child soldier drama, starring Idris Elba in a sinister supporting role, packs a punch.

Watch the trailer for Beasts of No Nation below: 


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