Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (12/11/12)


Is it getting old if we say its going to be another busy week for Union Films? No? Good, cause it is going to be another busy week for Union Films! We’re showing brutal dark-comedy Killer Joe on Tuesday. Then Phoenix have wonderfully uplifting Fezeka’s Voice on Wednesday. Saturday is the day of our final Movie Marathon of the year, and it’s the Dark Knight Trilogy. Rounding it all off with The Five Year Engagement and a repeat of The Dark Knight Rises (just in case you missed it) on Sunday.

Tuesday 13th November at 7pm: Killer Joe:

Killer Joe stars Matthew McConaughey as the titular police detective who moonlights as a contract killer. To get himself out of debt, Texan drug dealer Chris needs to find a way to get his mother’s life insurance…and that leads him to Killer Joe. But when Chris doesn’t have the money to pay Joe back for his work, he gives his little sister – the presumed inheritor of the will – to him as a retainer until the insurance comes through. Darkly comic and sadistically violent, this isn’t one for the fainthearted.

Wednesday 14th November at 7.30pm: Fezeka’s Voice:

This is a touching documentary about the story of one man, Phumi Tsewu, and the choir he has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to: the Fezeka High School Choir.  While the choir may be award-winning, the school is in one of the most deprived areas of South Africa. But they’re gearing up for the chance of a lifetime – to travel to England and perform as part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival. This is 80 minutes of a heart-warming and musical story documented beautifully by Holly Lubbock.

Saturday 17th November: The Dark Knight Trilogy and Sunday 18th November at 8pm: The Dark Knight Rises

Union Films are showing all 3 of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films in one sitting! All in chronological order, following the hero’s journey from Bruce Wayne to Batman, you can get your tickets for £3 a film or you can buy the event pass getting you into each film for only £6 (£5 for pass holders).

This is a quick break down of each instalment:

Starting with Bruce Wayne’s childhood, Batman Begins unearths the humble beginnings of our favourite superhero. After a lengthy self-discovery and training period with Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson), Bruce (Christian Bale) is able to return to Gotham City, free of his demons. But it’s not the same place he left. Overrun by crime and with villain Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) unleashing a hallucinogenic on Gotham, Bruce steps forward as Batman to save the city.

With the appearance of Batman, Gotham City’s criminal underworld is unnerved.  The Dark Knight follows a new villain, the Joker (Heath Ledger), who wants to unite all criminals for a common purpose: to kill Batman. With new District Attorney, Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) in charge, the criminals have a fair few battles to face before even considering Batman’s potential demise.

Batman has been gone from Gotham City 8 years by the start of The Dark Knight Rises and he returns to protect the city he’s always loved, but has most recently branded him their enemy. Without giving too much away, it features many Nolan associated names like Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy (totally beautiful; face mask or no face mask), as well as new ones like Anne Hathaway (also, totally beautiful).

With all three movies in IMDB’s Top 250, Nolan surpasses himself with this collection of films about the caped crusader. It’s the last movie marathon at Union Films for 2012, so make sure you’re there, and collect your t-shirt! Though, if you can’t make it, remember we’re reshowing The Dark Knight Rises, at 8pm Sunday 18th November so you can marvel in its stand-alone brilliance.

Sunday 18th November at 5pm: The Five Year Engagement

The re-teaming of the director and writer-star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes in the form of The Five-Year Engagement. After getting engaged, the happy couple have a few hoops to jump through before they set a wedding date. Waiting five years in a dead-end job is enough for Tom (Jason Segal) who offers an ultimatum to fiancée Violet (Emily Blunt), but will it work? And will they be able to make it down the aisle? Proper ‘lolz’ from a stellar comedy cast, if you’re in need of some light entertainment, make this one your choice!

Again, it’s another one of those weeks where Union Film is catering to all film tastes…leaving no reason for you not to come to the Union cinema this week!


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